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Tips to Survive Morning Sickness

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I know there are some lucky women out there who don't have morning sickness.....if that is you PLEASE do not tell me!! You probably will look at my little list and not think anything of it. 
If you are the type to wake up and meet the toilet nearly every morning and throughout the WHOLE day long (yep.....morning sickness does happen all day!), then this will hopefully help you survive too. Or at least help give you ideas to survive.

For me as soon as the morning sickness gets into full swing I start to wonder why I agreed to take this journey. I also wonder how I ever forgot the never ending weeks of sickness so easily! 
   Morning sickness always feels like it is never going to end, but truth is it does. 

Being a stay-at-home mom with pregnancy #2 and #3 I still had to preform mommy duties. There is another child or children to take care of on top of dealing with the rising hormone levels. This pregnancy's morning sickness was particularly challenging. I wasn't as sick as my first pregnancy, which lasted until 22 weeks and I had to be at work at 6:15am every morning. I would throw up before I left the house and then again several times at work...not fun! 
My second pregnancy was a bit easier when it came to the first trimester...I was still sick but only for 7ish weeks and only threw up a few times. 
This pregnancy's morning sickness lasted about 8 weeks. I honestly believe I get more sick when I don't get enough sleep. Having morning sickness and getting up in the middle of the night with two kids plum wore me out. But somehow we survived and made it into the 2nd trimester! Praise the Lord!!

I have to say that I have been blessed with an amazing husband who is understanding. He is extremely helpful and doesn't complain (much!) when the dishes and laundry pile up. He would come home from a full day at work and cook dinner for him and the kids. He would stay on top of me to eat so the baby got the nutrition he needed.  
Have I mentioned I hooked a pretty good one?!! ;)

Here are a few things we did to survive morning sickness this time.

Simple activities to keep the kids busy...

Coloring or Drawing - My kids love to draw, especially if I pull out special markers or paper. Have them draw a story for you or give them a topic to draw (flowers, people, food, transportation, etc).
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Cut and Paste - I let them cut construction paper or cut out from an old magazine. Then they can use glue sticks to glue the small pieces on another sheet of paper. For younger children who may not be ready for scissors, can tear paper and then glue it on another sheet. Or use cut out pieces of tissue paper. 

Stickers! - Not sure if I need to say more! My kiddos will go CRAZY with stickers. I find them at the Dollar Store or grab them when I find them on sale. I normally try to have a piece of paper or a container that they can decorate....if I don't they most likely will end up on the furniture and walls!

Building Blocks (or legos if your kids are older) - We have several different kinds of blocks that I like to rotate. When I need to keep them entertained for a while I just rotate the blocks. That has kept them busy for a whole afternoon before!

Giant Castle Blocks - Yes, I realize you probably don't have a giant castle... But it could be a pop out tent or even a blanket thrown over a table. The idea is a fort-like play area. Our giant castle came from Nana (my mom). She found it at a yard sale for only $10! Yep, you guessed it....I inherited her bargain hunting skills!

Music - Our kids LOVE music! Whether it is their Children's music CD's or some good ol' Toby Mac, they will dance their little hearts out. Try putting on some music to help break up the day. It always put me in a better mood too. 

I tried to stay away from wet paints and crumbly playdoh. The less mess I had to clean up the better!
We did a whole lot of inside play and more T.V. then I ever let them watch. But that is how we survived till Daddy got home on those bad morning sickness days.

If you experienced the all day sickness of early pregnancy you know how crazy it can be!
 Do you have any tips on how you survived during those first few weeks? I would love to hear them!

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