Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Week of Little Hearts For His Glory

We have started our first official year of school!
Our main curriculum this year is Little Hearts For His Glory from Heart of Dakota.
I could not be more pleased with how well it is going so far! 
 The kids are loving it and I am loving how much they are absorbing. 

The material is biblically based, focusing on verse memory while getting all the subjects in.
I also love how flexible the program is too. We are using our own Phonics program and working through it at our own pace. Eli wont be 5 until November so I don't want to rush him into learning to read.
With that said he really is doing a fabulous job and surprising his mommy that's for sure!
I know it's only a couple weeks in, but I have already heard (several times I may add!) "I love school so much!". 
Yay! Makes my very new homeschooling mommy heart happy to hear those words! 

Here are the munchkins on their first day!

 Aren't they adorable! 
Brooklyn is only two but I am doing preschool stuff with her.

We were waiting on our last few books to arrive so Monday we filled the gaps with some worksheets and hands on activities.

Thankfully all the books we were waiting on came on that Monday so we officially started the full program on Tuesday. 
Another reason why LHFHG is so great! We were able to easily work day 1 into the rest of the week so we didn't miss anything. 

Here was a hands on math activity we had. Eli loved it and we ended up leaving the numbers down for a few days.

Funny story! One evening we were getting supper on (yes this is in my kitchen!) and Eli is standing at the 5.
He starts hopping on one foot from number to number counting BACKWARDS! LOL
Wish I had a picture of the look on my face! I was shocked! This is the little stinker that still mixes up 7,8,9!
He knows more then he is letting on!

LHFHG has great little crafts that go along with each days lessons. Most of the supplies are things you would normally have on hand.

Here they were making a collage of the history/bible lesson. 
Before God created the world there was only darkness with God in the center.

The finished art work!

Overall the first week went really well. We had a few hiccups with Eli and his phonics reading program. After a talk with principal Daddy and homeschooling veteran Nana (my mom), we decided to take a little time to expand on what he has been learning all summer.  We will slow it down and do more hands on reading and hit the review hard.

And since I am writing this a week late (guilty) we already have some great progress to show with this approach!
I will follow this post up with an update on how that is going.

So now with school started we would LOVE the weather to start cooling down! 
Come on Fall, come on!

Who else is ready to welcome Fall?

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