Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seek-n-Find Binoculars

Yesterday we made these adorable Seek-n-Find binoculars! My kids loved this project! The best thing was it was as simple as gathering up the supplies and letting the kids dig in. 
 If your little ones are anything like mine they love to do crafts! My kids were so excited to decorate their binoculars! 
So along with them making a fun project, they are working on their fine motor skills and exploring their creative side.
And Eli even wrote a version of his name on his without even being asked! 
Oh, and he does know how to spell his name correctly...I don't know what he was doing here! 

My kids enjoy playing seek-n-find with their very own binoculars. I tell them something to find and then they run around the house looking for the item or letter. 
This is also a great way to emphasize the letter and number of the week.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Master Bedroom Redo - DIY Fabric Headboard

This was my project a few weekends ago! It really was a simple as it looks and I am loving the results!!

As I mentioned before I was inspired by Young House Love's new book.  I highly recommend you check out YHL's book! It is filled with creative and fun ideas on how to decorate your house on a budget. A great resource for a frugal DIYer like myself! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Busy June

Well we made it through June. We did our share of celebrating, appointment and working. There was "firsts" and even our 6th Anniversary! We made a new vehicle purchase and the hubby started a new job! Summer finally decided to arrive with humid temperatures that hit over 100 with heat indexes of up to 110! I started making our newborn cloth diaper stash, which I am super proud of! Scott can't understand why I am so obsessed! haha And to top off everything the kids got a fever and rash virus that decided to plague us for nearly a week!
 Whew...no wonder I am sitting here wondering where to start!

Along with normal daycare kids we had a lot of appointments this month.

Brooklyn had her FIRST hair cut! She had never had a full cut so her hair was all different lengths. I had "attempted" to trim her bangs, but they desperately needed help as I am not a professional!

She did really well and only had a few tears (screams!). Lol
 By the end she was buds with her hair stylist Mrs. Jennifer from Classic Hair Creations!


 Then we had our ultrasound appointment and even though we have been saying we were going to keep the baby's gender a surprise till birth we caved and found out!

Little baby feet!
 And of course, his little legs measured long for his age and compared to the other measurements! Not surprising we will have another tall boy! I wonder where they get that from! ;)

We couldn't be more happy to welcome our 3rd little one and 2nd little boy into the family!


On June 16th, we celebrated our 6th anniversary!
 I can hardly believe it has been 6 years since we tied the knot! So much has happened, both good and bad, and we have grown together as a couple.

 This is us at the end of our very busy Anniversary day. You know all the normal daily duties don't go away and the kids don't magically care, feed, bathe, and bed themselves!
We did order take out and had a picnic style (with blanket on the living room floor) candle lite dinner once the kids were put to bed. It was really nice and we both agreed was surprisingly relaxing!

 Silly shots with my love and best friend!

 When we got married we were told by so many "oh that first year was the worst" or "just wait till year ____".  I can honestly say we have yet to experience that "bad" year!  Of course, we definitely don't claim to have it all figured out. We know with life, raising children, job changes, etc our relationship will continue to grow and mature.  We also know that keeping our relationship focused on Christ is the first step to a successful relationship.  We have learned that keeping the communication open and trying to be understanding will prevent most fights and hurt feelings. We are just like everyone else and we get busy. Work, kids, sports, household, appointments....the list goes on.
Also for us remembering to give 110% to our spouse and not just doing the 50/50 that the worldview says to do.  Whenever we start having tension it usually stems from a lack of communication or falling into the 50/50 thought process.
So by far we do not have this "marriage" thing figured out, but we can say it has been a great 6 years. We are so thankful to have each other and look forward to living this crazy life together! :)


Okay, now for the vehicle change! We had this great little car we bought a few months before we got married....this was the car we drove away from our wedding in and took both of our kids home from the hospital in. But, she had her issues and the time had come for us to say good-bye. She needed a whole new transmission and had multiple other problems.
So.... looking at our options and figuring out our current dependable van was showing signs of not being dependable for much longer....we did some selling and trading
 and bought this beauty!

(It looks blue-ish here, but is truly silver.)

We can't say enough good things about our new ride! I love the storage, the removable 2nd row middle seat, self opening sliding doors and hatch, DVD player, sun roof, and all around ease of use with 2 (or more) kids!


Okay switching gears.......here is what I have been literally filling my very little spare time with!

These are some newborn fitteds I have made out of upcycled material!
The bottom row are larger prefolds that I turned into newborn size fitteds. The top row (except the Pillsbury Boy one) is upcycled receiving blankets I had leftover from when Eli was a baby. The blue Pillsbury Boy one is from a T-shirt I bought at Goodwill for $2.50!

I have really got into making our newborn stash! Although, I am praying they all actually work and I will get to use them! haha I have this fear they will leak or won't fit.
Seriously... I have even dreamed about making cloth diapers! How to improve them or make them differently. I know there has to be some of you out there who understand this strange obsession....?
Honestly, I have been enjoying the sewing projects and it really is a good stress release for me.

I will post more about how I have been making them soon! I am trying to perfect the pattern. 


We ended the month with the kids coming down with a fever and rash virus. It plagued them for nearly a week of on and off fevers and whinny grumpiness. :( Thankfully they are tons better and back to their busy selves!
I told Scott, "you know they are better when I am disciplining again!"
They really are good kids...they just need some positive directing sometimes. 

The end of this month also brought the hubby to a new job. So he is just starting his 2nd week of training and all is going well so far. It is his first job outside of banking in 6 years!
As we are still looking for that ministry position where God wants us to be we are thankful for this great job opportunity. It looks like he will have better hours (and NO Saturdays! Yay!) so he can be more involved in other ministry opportunities.

So there was our June in a nutshell. How was your June? Any big family moments or events take place?

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