Friday, September 6, 2013

Pricky, but Pretty!

I saw some cute framed pinecones around the Pinterest world and decided I needed to give it a shot!
This is so simple, yet so festive.

When we were at my mom's last week, we found a handful of pinecones. Eli helped me gather them up. I can't wait to use them around the house and with crafts for the kiddos!

This was a fast little project that only took me a few minutes during nap time.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fishing for Flashcards

Fishing For Flashcards! 

So last week I posted here about how we were trying a more hands on approach for reading.
He was getting really frustrated and not focusing. So we decided to slow it down and work in a lot of flashcard review and hands on reading games. 

I put together this little fishing game with his flashcards. 
It was super easy!
I put metal paper clips right on the flashcards. Grabbed a stick from the backyard and tied some yarn to one end. I had a small package of magnets and glued two together at the end of the yarn.  
Wha La!
A fishing pole and flashcard fish!  

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