Saturday, August 24, 2013

Reading Round Up!

We are finishing up unit 2 in LHFHG this week. As I mentioned we decided try something different with Eli and his reading. 
Last week when it came time to sit down and do his reading lesson it was like a war had just broke out.  My school loving 4 year old would turn into a tantrum throwing toddler and nothing...NOTHING would get him to focus. 
I was dreading reading time and I knew he was as well. Obviously, we needed to change something.
I kept questioning whether we had the right reading program for his learning style or if it was just laziness on his part. 

As I have quickly learned my little boy learns best with hands on material. I have to sandwich in the sit down subjects in between active hands on activities. 
Mostly this just means more creative thinking on my part! ;)

So to start off we decided to take a little break from his reading book. Although we have been working on reading on and off through the summer we had yet to dive into it everyday. 
So after a week of book lessons and lots of tears and frustration this momma decided to take another route.

First, I want him to still do the program we started. So we are just stepping away from it for a time to get a good foundation down.
This week we have hit the flash cards for review on the words he has already been introduced to. I have tried to get him reading them more by making it into a fun game.
Trust me, "Eli we have a reading game to do next!" goes over much better then "grab your reading book.". 
Next week we will do a couple lessons in his reading book and continue his hands on reading the other days.

I can't tell you how much easier this week has been without the struggle over getting him to read! And really I feel like he has made great progress and built more confidence in himself.

Here are a few pictures from this week's reading progress!

Hop Scotch Reading!

Look at the confidence on his face! 

 We also did a reading game with his dump truck.

(I am using a lot of iPhone pictures. If I didn't I probably wouldn't have any photos! The quality isn't as good, but at least I have them!)

And I'll post more on this one.... I made a fishing game for his flash cards.

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