Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ugly Chairs…

Recently, we decided to start going through all the furniture in our garage. We had been keeping nice pieces for "when we move to a bigger house". HA! Since it has been so long and we are still in our cozy first home, we figured we should part with the stuff that is crowding our limited space. 

I thought, "Goodness, I would get more for this furniture if I fix them up and paint them!". Lovely idea that has morphed into a little side business. 

I am fixing up the furniture we already had (and have sold some), but I have scored a few great deals and added to my list to redo! I have decided to try my hand at selling my projects and restored furniture at a flea market booth.

I am a little scared, but mostly excited to see how it goes! After all I love creating and refurbishing!
I started a little Facebook page to sell my pieces. You can find what I have available here at Sweet Things Furniture and Decor!   

These two chairs came from a local Facebook yard sale page. I got both of these for $12! 
A GREAT deal!!   

These chairs were disgusting! I took them apart and threw away the cushion and board. They had lived all the life they could.

I gave them a light sanding and good wipe down to get all the gunk off of them. 
Then I painted them with two coats of Americana chalky finish paint in Vintage. I bought this one at Home Depot, but found Hobby Lobby sells the same brand. At Hobby Lobby you can use the 40% off coupon on it and makes its much cheaper! 

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