Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crazy Paper Wig

The other day my 5 year old asked what a wig was when he came across the word in his phonics book. As I was explaining it he got excited and asked if we could make one!
My heart swelled...YES child, lets get creative and make a wig!
I love how he is interested in something and thinks, "lets make one!".  Just a proud craft momma moment!

Here is what we created with a few supplies we had on hand.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3 Easy Ways to Decorate Kitchen Towels

I had this idea to add some crafty fun to these plain dish towels I picked up for cheap. You know that point when your very used and tired dish towels finally throw in the towel…  (cheesy or not pun intended!)
So I picked up some inexpensive dish towels and came up with a few ideas.

The terry towels came from Walmart for around $1.50 each. The white towels are flour sack towels, also found at Walmart, and come in packs of 5 for $5.

1. The Easy No Sew Stamped Dish Towel- This one was by far the easiest and fasted project of the three. I was quite impressed with how good the flour sack towels turned out. I use fabric paint to stamp on the pattern. My stamps consisted of a toilet paper roll and a mini cookie cutter. Here is what I started with…

I didn't end up using the bottle cap that is pictured, but other then that this was really all I needed for this fun towel!

Before stamping the towel, I prewashed and ironed the dish clothes. The pictures have some folded marks which were from folding the towels after I ironed them.

I simply spread out some teal and silver fabric paint on a paper plate. Although, I wasn't going for a shinny look the metallic silver fabric paint was all I had. Usually I will try to make what I have on hand work and this time it worked out great! The metallic paint really didn't even look metallic-y when it was dry.
Next, I pressed the toilet paper roll into the paint. I made sure it was lightly coated since I was trying to avoid globs of fabric paint.
Starting at the bottom right corner I started a row of silver circles. Then worked my way across and up the dish cloth alternating silver and teal paint.

This was unbelievably easy and fast! If you only have 15-20 minutes, you can do this!

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