Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gearing Up for Kindergarten!

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This year Eli will be starting his Kindergarten workbooks! Last year we did lots of letter and number projects, but didn't follow a particular program. If we were sending Eli to school he wouldn't start Kindergarten till next year due to his birthday being in November. 
As I was looking over curriculum I knew a preschool program would be too easy for him. So we ordered (still waiting on some stuff) the Little Hearts For His Glory Kindergarten program by Heart of Dakota.

I am loving how Eli is getting so excited to start school! I mean he is literally over the moon, jumping up and down excited when a new book arrives in the mail! 
I have to say that is the best thing to see as new homeschool mom just starting up!

Along with Little Hearts we are using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and Singapore's Essential Math Kindergarten A & B.
We have already started the reading program this summer, doing a lesson here and there. While we are waiting for all the books to come in, we have been doing 100 Easy Lessons and some math workbooks I picked up at the Dollar Store.

I am looking forward to doing Little Hearts For His Glory. It seems like it will work great with our busy schedule. With my daycare kids and the new baby arriving soon I needed something that was already planned out.

Speaking of the baby....we still haven't come to an agreement on a name yet. Gah! We like several but just can't seem to nail one down.
Well whatever this little guys name is going to be we better figure it out fast. I am already 29 weeks and that means he could be here in as few as 8 weeks, if he follows sister's lead!

Any homeschooling momma's have advice for us as we start our "first" official year?
.....or a name for a sweet baby boy!?! haha

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