Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Oil Story and Goals For 2015

Last year I made a giant leap and bought my first essential oil kit from Young Living Essential Oils!

We had a sickness go through the house and the baby ended up catching a bad head cold. He was miserable and we were up all night and he couldn't breath with all the yucky congestion. I reached out to my friends on Facebook to find a natural remedy to help him get some relief. My dear friends brought me essential oils. I followed the careful instructions of my friend and used diluted Peppermint and Thieves on my little one. Literally within minutes his congestion was clearing up and he was able to sleep! I was amazed! Why had I never heard of these wonderful drops of God's medicine? We survived that illness and also found essential oils!

I saved some money up for a couple months and was able to purchase our first set of oils with the Premium Starter kit. We chose the Premium Starter kit because it came with 11 oils, a diffuser and a wholesale membership.

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