Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bead Bracelet

Here is a fun craft to do with your little ones!
This bead bracelet project is great for encouraging fine motor skills. All you will need is some pipe cleaners and some colorful beads.

I found our package of pipe cleaners at the Dollar Store and already had the beads. So this craft cost all of $1.00! Oh ya!

I was just at the Dollar Store yesterday and saw packages of beads as well! So you can actually make these with only $2 and there will be leftover supplies for future projects!

I just showed them how to get started and let them go. They loved picking out the different colors to create their own bracelet.

You may have to straighten the pipe cleaner a time or two to help the younger ones. Of course, with any project where you have small pieces and small children supervise them closely. 
My two year old is out of the everything-in-the-mouth stage so I don't usually have to worry.

So simple and fun!

 Do you have any fun projects you do with pipe cleaners?

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