Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fishing for Flashcards

Fishing For Flashcards! 

So last week I posted here about how we were trying a more hands on approach for reading.
He was getting really frustrated and not focusing. So we decided to slow it down and work in a lot of flashcard review and hands on reading games. 

I put together this little fishing game with his flashcards. 
It was super easy!
I put metal paper clips right on the flashcards. Grabbed a stick from the backyard and tied some yarn to one end. I had a small package of magnets and glued two together at the end of the yarn.  
Wha La!
A fishing pole and flashcard fish!  

This was a huge hit with my little guy! It is crazy how he is more then willing to read any word he catches.  And since we have played Fishing for Flashcards a few times now he is reading the words before he even catches them! 

Using paper clips makes it easy to slide it right off and use the same cards for other review activities.
  (The little 'k' tells him he doesn't say the sound)


A proud little reader displaying all the words he caught and read!

If you have an early reader that needs to build some reading confidence, try out some hands on activities! It doesn't take much to get them reading even if it doesn't look like the traditional reading book!

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