Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Window Cling Hearts

We love making window clings for all occasions. For Valentine's Day we made these colorful hearts with water colors and coffee filters!

My kids could paint all day if I let them, so anything that involves painting is usually a hit. 
(Brooklyn thought the table covering needed some color too!) 

I just love fun photos like this one!

I set them up with the water color paints and coffee filters and let them go to town!  

As they finished I fist started to place them directly on the cookie sheets to dry. The filters were so saturated I was afraid they may take forever to dry. I decided to place the filters on cooling racks to help with the air flow.

Once the colorful discs were dry I traced a heart shape on them.

I like to use a heart cut out to trace the hearts. I am a bit of a perfectionist... (I know its a kids craft!) Anyway, I made some heart shapes in Word for another activity so I just used one of the hearts to trace on the shape. 
 You can download my heart PDF here.

Next Place the heart cut outs on clear contact paper. (Only one side will have the contact paper.) Cut around the hearts leaving a bit of an edge for they can stick to the window.

Have your kids help you decorate the window with the hearts.  Then sit back and enjoy the sunshine shinning through the colorful hearts! 

I love how the contact paper is easy to wipe over. Since I have so many little hands touching the windows I like to sanitize the surface often. 

Now I feel like leaving the blinds up  so we can admire our beautiful Valentine hearts!

What Valentine's Day projects have you been doing? 

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