Thursday, February 14, 2013

Foot Print Valentines!

This was a fun craft project to do with the kids. The big boys loved getting their feet painted to make the heart prints. Brooklyn on the other hand took a bit of convincing! Once I finally talked her into letting me she was all giggly and excited! She said it "tickled" and was "cold". haha! 

 I found this project on Pinterest and put my own twist on it. 

I started with white paper, red paint, and a sponge brush.

And found some little feet....!

He was excited... can you tell? 

Paint on some red paint. Warning may bring out squeals and giggles!

Make two adorable prints. I made sure I had some wet paper towels handy to clean up with. Eli kept saying it looked like I was painting blood on his feet. He even asked me if we could pretend it was real blood! LOL Hmm...I am not sure if that is the boy in him or if I should be horrified!

Here was Brooklyn while we were painting Eli's feet! She said "wook mama! TWO!". Such a stinker!

After the foot prints dried I cut them out in a heart shape and glued them to another piece of paper. The big boys glued and placed the hearts and poem by themselves.  Finishing the heart I used a glitter pen to trace the heart. I typed up the poem in Word. Here is the PDF we used!

Eli's Valentine!

Brooklyn's Valentine!

Hope you all had a special day with your kiddos!

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