Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Googly Eyes

Are these little hearts not adorable or what!?! They turned out better then I thought they would. I was imagining the kids putting the nose where the eyes should go and the eyes as ears! haha! I guess I should give my kids more credit because their hearts turned out awesome!  My kids love making art projects with googly eyes! I got these little guys started and let the big boys and Brooklyn put them together.

All you need to make some cute Valentine's Day hearts are...

-Pink, red, and white construction paper
-Googly eyes
-glue dots or glue sticks

I made a this heart in Word and used a print out to trace my hearts on construction paper.

 I cut out the hearts and the leg/arm strips before I called them to the table. I tried to show the boys how to fold the paper back and forth to make the arms and legs. They gave it a good try and quickly started asking me to help them. So I hurriedly folded ALL the arms and legs with three excited kiddos asking me questions the whole time!

(the mouth heart is missing from this picture)

 I chose to use glue dots like these ones to stick everything together. You can use glue sticks as well. With the glue dots I just put one on the back of each eye, mouth, and nose piece and let them choose where to put it. For the arms and legs I had to show them where the glue dot was and they were good to go! I used a marker to draw a line across the mouth/heart to look more like lips. 

And Wa La! An adorable little heart! My kids walked them around making them talk and their eyes wiggle!

Simple, cute, fun, and festive!

What projects have you been doing with your little ones for Valentine's Day? 

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