Saturday, January 2, 2016

Small House Hacks- Playroom Equals Sanity

I have posted how we live in a small house and have wanted to sell for a couple years now. Our house is currently on the market and we are waiting for it to sell! Woohoo!

Our very first home! 

As we wait, we are raising our 3 children (with one on the way) and have figured out a few hacks to make our small home function better.

I am sure we are not the only family out there with several kiddos in 1000 square feet! Maybe this posts will get your creative juices flowing for your home.

The first 'hack' was our Playroom. 

Every parent can understand how toys multiply! Somehow you start out with a small basket in the corner, you blink, and the whole house is over run with them!    

We were having problems with our 2nd child sleeping through the night and figured out she slept better in her brother's room. That was when baby #3 was a newborn so we had a playroom with a crib in it for when Jude would need it. 

As it turned out we had toys everywhere in BOTH rooms and it was overwhelming.
When we tried to move the youngest out of our bed and into his own crib, he freaked out in his room/playroom. He hated being left alone. Which gave us the idea to condense all the toys to one room and all the beds to the other.

So now we have a "Sleeping room" and a "Playroom" as the kids refer to them. :)
So far it has been the best system for us.
The kids sleep better in one room and the toys are corralled in the other.

The photo on our listing of the kid's "sleeping room". You can see the crib mattress pushed up under the bottom bunk bed. Usually we just leave it over in the corner by the dresser.

Jude's crib mattress is currently on the floor until we can get our hands on a toddler bed. Once we move, I will put him on the bottom bunk and buy Brooklyn a new bed. So a toddler bed hasn't been my highest priority. Basically unless I can score one for super cheap, he may stay on the mattress on the floor till we move.
He is two, he will survive! Lol
Besides, he usually ends up in my bed snuggled up to me around 3-4am every night!

We spend most nights siting on the floor in the sleeping room waiting for them all to fall asleep. If we don't, they will become a hyper, giggly mess and keep each other up.
This is not ideal, but it's what works for now.

Before we listed our house, I would rotate toys. Keep a few rubber tubs to stash away toys and then rotate the hidden toys every couple months. This works great!

Two things usually happened…

1) I open the box and get rid of half of it, because they didn't miss it or they had out grown it.


2) They think they actually got new toys and I make the best mom of the year (or at least the best for the day!).

  Since our house is on the market, we do have most of the toys packed. At leaf half of all their toys are lovingly packed away in the attic waiting to move.
This has helped my sanity immensely and the kids are able to stay more on top of keeping the playroom clean.

Part of the Playroom. It's a small room, so hard to get a full picture. This is with most of the toys we did leave out, stored in the closet. There is a tall dresser to the left and a tall book shelf to the right.

Lord willing we will sell this house with the new year and find where God wants us to make our next home.

I'll have to post about how we have been keeping up with the house (or lack of keeping up!) with it being up for sell. It's enough to make a type A momma go mad or throw her hands up in despair and give up with a defeated sigh!

God must be teaching me more ways to learn patience…goodness when will I learn. ;)

Have you lived or do you live in a small house with more then 1.5 children? What are some of your "hacks" to make it work?

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