Monday, January 11, 2016

Easy DIY Accent Picture Frame

My sweet momma's birthday is on December 28th. Since we were visiting her the weekend after I brought her a little something special!

My mom's colors are greens and cream colors. I wanted to find her a frame that would match either her colors or go well in her office at work. Of course, the frame would be the home to a fun photo of the grandkids!

Here is what I picked up at Hobby Lobby. A green and cream stripped frame and some burlap flowers. The flowers were actually in the hair accessory area! Hey, whatever works right! 

I played around with the placement until it looked right.

Then simply hot glued them down.

And just like that, the simple stripped frame got some frill! I think it adds just the rustic, shabby chic look the frame was needing!

I forgot to snap a picture after I added the photo of the grandkids. Trust me it was super sweet! 

Not everything DIY has to be 100% hand crafted. My time was limited with the holiday's and this was an easy way I could add a personal touch. 

Have you added some DIY flair to a store bought gift recently? Tell me about it in the comments or leave a link!

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