Thursday, April 3, 2014

Easy and Frugal Dishwasher Update

 Last week we made some great progress on our To Do list. Not everything got crossed off, but we did get everything started! Amid us painting trim and doors in the whole house, drywall repair, yard work, and pressure washing the outside, I managed to squeeze in a few projects. This dishwasher update was one I wedged in the To Do list one morning.

I saw Young House Love's blog about their recent dishwasher update and thought the end result was pretty dramatic. (You can check out their dishwasher's new look here.) Painting a few dishwasher door pieces can make a big difference! So you know, in all my many opportunities of spare time I thought I would give it a shot.

Here is what I started with.....

Our basic black oldish dishwasher....most likely has been here since the house was built in 1996. 

I started by unscrewing the side panels.

Once the side panel was off I was able to slide the black panel out.

But what I found on the other side of my black panel was a yucky beige/yellow color. It wasn't anything a little spray paint couldn't handle though.

This piece that covers up the electrical area was a little tricky to get off. However, once it was off the dust and cobwebs were revealed! I took the opportunity to vacuum all the dusty grime up.   

A light sand job with a little steel wool did the trick. This helped clean off all the grime and rough it up enough for the paint to stick. 

This was the first opportunity I have had to use my new sprayer too! I was thrilled with how the sprayer worked. Smooth even coats and no achy paint covered fingers!

I painted these guys with 3 coats of Rustoleum White spray paint.

 I also painted the black screws white. I have been painting a lot of screws I just used the same piece of cardboard I have used for the other projects.

I put all the newly painted parts back together and hello "new" dishwasher!

It makes a huge difference! Now the aged dishwasher blends nicely with the white cabinets. I LOVE frugal updates and am thrilled with the results!

Our working dishwasher was not on our list to replace in this renovation, but I managed to give it a new look for only a couple bucks and a little time! Yay! Gotta love those kind of updates!
Even though the white paint isn't the exact same color as our white cabinets I think it still helps the dishwasher blend in. It looks great with our new countertops and beadboard backsplash!

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