Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Wreath- He Is Risen

This wreath project has been in the works for several weeks now. I finally got it finished up last week! My how much time and energy this house renovations are literally sucking from us. Every time we start to think we are nearly done another project presents itself. Currently, an easy ceiling repair turned into a big drywall, mud, sanding and popcorn texture repair. The projects haven't been hard, but add 3 kids 5 and under and try to get anything accomplished! haha! One day they will be grown and I know I will miss these days!
Okay, back to this beautiful Easter wreath. This didn't take long... I just had to start and stop so many times I thought it would be ready by the 4th of July and miss Easter completely! I have plans to switch out the He Is Risen banner for a Spring banner after Easter. It's always nice when you can get more use out of a seasonal project. (That is usually my goal!)

 I gathered up a foam wreath, grey yarn, fabric, paper, string, yellow brads, small pins, a twist tie and a couple twigs.

And since this project was made a little here and there, I somehow lost (I'm thinking accidentally deleted...oopps!) the pictures of the process. Boo...

To start I wrapped the yarn around the wreath and used the small pins (the ones used for pinning patterns on fabric) to hold the ends secure.

Next I cut strips of fabric and used a few tutorials I found here and here to make some fabric flowers. This tutorial I followed but then fluffed the flower instead of laying it flat. I like how it turned out with all the different fabrics it seems to tie them all together well.

I used the fabric pins to attach the flowers to the wreath. Yet another way to easily reuse the flowers for a different project!

I sent my 5 year old out to the backyard to find a few twigs and he was more then happy to help out!
He did a great job and brought me a whole bucket full!
I used two twigs and twist tied them together to make the cross. I cut off the extra twist tie pieces.

Next I used a strip of fabric about 2 inches wide to use for hanging the wreath. I made small cuts on the sides...literally like just cut through like three or four strands of the fabric weave. Then I pulled at the edges until it started to fray. I really like the frayed look. It gives it more character then just leaving them how they were cut.

The last thing I added was the "He Is Risen" banner hung with little yellow brads. Since I didn't have the right kind of sticker letters I printed some letters out on Word and then cut them into squares.
This worked, but it took a lot of time to figure out the size to space between letters I needed. I was quite determined to get this done so a few stickers wasn't going to stop me! Ha
It turned out and I LOVE this cute Easter/Spring wreath!

Have you been getting creative this Spring with any wreaths? I'd love to hear!

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