Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Oil Story and Goals For 2015

Last year I made a giant leap and bought my first essential oil kit from Young Living Essential Oils!

We had a sickness go through the house and the baby ended up catching a bad head cold. He was miserable and we were up all night and he couldn't breath with all the yucky congestion. I reached out to my friends on Facebook to find a natural remedy to help him get some relief. My dear friends brought me essential oils. I followed the careful instructions of my friend and used diluted Peppermint and Thieves on my little one. Literally within minutes his congestion was clearing up and he was able to sleep! I was amazed! Why had I never heard of these wonderful drops of God's medicine? We survived that illness and also found essential oils!

I saved some money up for a couple months and was able to purchase our first set of oils with the Premium Starter kit. We chose the Premium Starter kit because it came with 11 oils, a diffuser and a wholesale membership.

I said, "I'm only interested in using the oils. I am not interested in a business".  I just wanted to try them out and see how I liked them. After all, my husband was thinking I was crazy and going even more "hippie" on him. Ha! Teaching a class was frightening to me. Surely I needed to use the oils for a while to gain the knowledge to teach a class. Not to mention I hate talking in front of people. The thought of public speaking sends my anxiety through the roof!

So my box arrived at my door and I excitedly opened it as my husband rolled his eyes. During the next several weeks I was using my new oils daily and learning as much as I could. I went to a couple class and learned even more.

As we started to use these oils, I learned how they are grown, harvested, distilled, tested for purity, and bottled through an impressive Seed to Seal process!

We have experienced Young Living essential oils promoting wellness and helping our family in many different areas of our lives.

I started thinking about what it would look like if I could get a few people to sign up like I did. Maybe I could get my oils to pay for themselves…

It just so happened that at that time our finances were really starting to feel me not babysitting. Since Jude was born, and through his illness, I had stopped babysitting. Because Jude had so many doctor appointments and has therapy twice a week, I wasn't able to pick up doing home childcare. So I took the leap and started teaching Essential oil 101 classes!

That was in June of 2014, now 7 months later I have made Executive Rank and am building my team!  I am loving sharing oils more then any other "job" I have had outside the home. It is flexible, rewarding and fun! Sharing oils with other families and hearing how the oils are helping them, makes me so happy! I don't feel like I am working. I am just helping my friends and family find wellness without nasty side effects. What an amazing thing to be able to do as a job!

It has been a very busy start as I have been teaching classes or going to classes almost weekly. As well as starting a business, I am watching a family friend's infant. We also started homeschooling kindergarten and preschool this past semester. Eli is six, Brooklyn will be four in a few weeks and Jude is a very busy 15 month old! Life has been a whirlwind and hence my absence from the blog.

I am working on finding the balance in running a home business, being a teacher, mother, wife and doing housework. Blogging is a hobby that I have had to set aside for a time. I am hopeful with the new year I can work my way back into a good balance of family, work and hobbies. As all mom's out there knows, sometimes we have to put down our hobbies for a time. That isn't a bad thing. Some seasons are more demanding of our time, brain power, etc. Although, I do know myself as a busy homeschooling mom, with small children and a home business; I MUST make time for a bit of me time. A refueling time for mommy is absolutely necessary for me not to go crazy on my family! Ha!

With that said I will hopefully be popping into my crafty place more often! My goal is to post at LEAST once a week. What that looks like I am not sure. Maybe a cute crafty thing I was able to find time to do, a recipe we made up, or maybe something the kiddos built with the bristle blocks!

So there it is. I hope to see my creative little blog more and can't wait to see where God takes us this year!

*If anyone is interested in the essential oil world, you can find more information on my website, and come follow my oily account on instagram @essential_oli_arrows.


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