Thursday, May 8, 2014

Covered Canvas and Framed Fabric

While preparing our house to sell, we took almost all of our family photos down and packed them safely away. I read that it is better to take down photos so that the potential buyers can see themselves living in the home and not focus on who is currently living there.
Unfortunately, that meant we had a lot of bare walls.

I didn't want to spend money on decor I might not use in the new house, so I had to do some brainstorming….and Pinterest browsing! 

This is what I decided to do for a quick and easy solution for our empty wall space….

I already had a 2 pack of 11"x14" canvases and the fabric was in my stash. Yep, another free-ish project! When I can make a project for free it just makes the finished product that much better!

First, I layer the canvas on the fabric and cut around it…leaving enough fabric on the edges to wrap around to the back side.

Next, I glued the long sides down with my glue gun. Making sure the fabric didn't stretch or wrinkle.

I then worked the corners until I figured out which way I liked it best.

I made a tight fold like when wrapping a present.

Then made sure the fabric folds flat while keeping the edge tight.

Then fold it all up and around the back of the canvas.

Secure with hot glue and hello clean folded edge!

A finished look at the back. The fabric is uneven an after thought I moved it down so the part of the pattern I wanted would show better. Not a big deal, no one sees the back when it is hung up.

From the front. Clean edges and no wrinkles! Score!

Since I only had 2 canvases, I used a frame I found at a yard sale for 50 cents, that was about the same size. Painted it white and cut some cardboard to fit the opening.

I cut, then glued on my red floral and cream/white fabric to the cardboard.

Popped it in the frame and it was done!
I am thinking I may add some kind of embellishment to the inside of the frame…maybe a painted letter L for our last name or possibly a quote?

Looking great up there!

I love how the patterns and colors complement each other and bring a pop of color to our living room!

Have you been adding any pops of color this Spring? 

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