Sunday, February 23, 2014

DIY Mod Podge Letter

Here is a fun project to make. Simply start with a basic wooden letter, add your choice of paper personality and you have a beautiful piece of art! I have made each of my kids one and it's my go to baby shower gift.  I just love making these letters! 

Here is how easy these fun letters are....

 Things you will need....

                      -Scrapbook paper
                      -A wooden letter 
                      -Mod Podge
                      -A Brush (I like to use the sponge ones for this)
                      -A jar to put the mod podge in

 First I lay the letter on the back side of the paper I want to be the base.
Then I start cutting out around a little larger then the letter.

This gives me room to tear the edges to to fit.
Then position the paper over the letter for placement.

I put a thin layer of mod podge on the letter then lay the paper down. To prevent the paper from bubbling, starting from one side and work towards the other while pressing down. 

Once the paper is glued on I start slowly tearing the edges around the letter.

Then I put a top coat on the base paper and let it dry completely.

The next step is to decide what accent paper and the placement. I lay the smaller pieces where I want them and then mod podge one layer at a time. Of course, starting with  the bottom layer.  

Once all the layers are on and dry, I hot glue on my ribbon and tie a bow at the top.
*On some letters I like to tie ribbon on the letter. Like the letter B I did for Brooklyn.

The last thing is to hang that beauty up!

Here are the letters I made for my older kids.

Currently, both of the big kid's letters are on their door to their rooms. That will most likely change when we move and the boys are sharing a room.

Oh, how I love saying "when we move"!!!
Soon, very soon!

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